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The Power of your Voice through your Story.

Each week, we would have a new episode with a new guest telling us their story in The Push Power to Power Show.

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Jesus Ortiz will educate you in many ways that you can use podcast that can benefit you on your business.

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The Real Jesus Ortiz

Jesus Ortiz is the owner of a successful Network and is also an Inspirational Speaker. On the show, he lends his expertise on podcast and media mindset and years of experience helping small businesses and entrepreneurs grow online, live streaming and In Person.


The Power of Podcast Marketing

Let me Introduce myself my name is Jesus Ortiz and I am the founder of Yeraldy Media Network, The Push Power to Power Show and All Eyes On Them Foundation. I have educated businesses and entrepreneurs on why is important for them to have a podcast. I also now produce other business owners and entrepreneurs podcasts you can call me a mobile podcaster and I just love seeing them on the camera giving some much value to the audience. By having a podcast you will have a strong authority on your industry and you will be able to create your own network. We are here to help each other Grow and Win.

Podcast Specialties

Producing Podcast

4 Live/Pre-Recorded audio and video episodes every month: 6 month/1 year contract Full Production with Streamyard Weekly Distribution to Apple and Spotify through Anchor Podcast Cover Simplecast extra cost $75.00/month

The Push Power to Power Show

Includes 1 Hour Live show Online/InPerson facebook/youtube Video/Audio 3 short videos (10-30 sec long) A 30 sec commercial Streamyard

Video Podcast Directory Series

2 Online Live Podcasts Series a month of your Business 2 Infomercials a month of your Business I will run Ads for Brand Awareness and Video Views/Engagements Streamyard

Podcast Masterclass

A 2 Hour online and In-Person class on Podcast Marketing and Media Mindset.

Short Video Content with Subtitles

What Our Clients are Saying About Our Services

Faustino Deblas


I enjoy the content of Yeraldy Media Network, Jesus Ortiz is very passionate about what he does and the knowledge he speaks. I would recommend him to any of my friends and anybody who is in need of his services, you will NOT be disappointed.

Leo Flo


Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Definitely One of the hardest working people I’ve ever met . Very professional conducts himself like a professional, brings good value to his customers. I highly recommend.

The Push Power to Power Show Interviews

Great Value, Information and Storytelling from our guest in the show.

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The Push Power to Power Show

I will be Interviewing Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Kidpreneurs,Start-ups, and all the way to CEOs on their Journey to Success and what they learn along the way, I will also be doing topics on different genres of life or what it comes to my mind... All Eyes On Them Foundation #LiveStreamingShowProducer #HumblePower #AllEyesOnThemFoundation #YeraldyMediaNetwork

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